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Intergenerational Princesses

So I've been working with Meg Mosley for over a year now and one of the most exciting things about this woman is the fact with each new photoshoot brings a whole new level to her work and life. I've never known a more versatile person, and that is why working with her is exciting.

This time, she contacted me to tell me about her niece's birthday party and how although it wasn't fancy dress, her and her niece were going dressed as princesses, by demand of the little princess, Odharnait. In response to this request, Meg began to explore the ideas of intergenerational princesses and the beauty of the future.

This weekend I got the pleasure of photographing Princess Meg and Princess Odharnait. Our original idea was urban princess, but we couldn't get to the graffiti wall we planned to shoot with because there was a frog market on (I wish it was actually about frogs but it wasn't) so instead we stripped it back to the original princess and used the beauty of autumn to frame it.

Here are some behind the scenes images from the day!