Portrait and Wedding Photographer


Wheeler | Willcocks - The Bay for Drop Dead

A few months ago, after knowing Matthew Willcocks for quite some time, we were both finally in the same country at the same time for long enough to organise a long overdue shoot. We'd wanted to work together for a while: Inspired by each other's medium, we thought it would be an interesting experiment to bring together my knowledge of digital photography and his knowledge of analogue photography and see what chemical reaction occurred. So on one sunny but incredibly windy weekend, we all ventured to Torquay to spend the afternoon in an incredible apartment overlooking the bay. 

Our planning process was simple: Find a designer, find some models and find a way to blend our work together. We decided it would be best for us to each bring a model to the shoot and as both Lily and Elouise have been such great models for us previously, we knew they'd work well together. Both girls battled the winds to produce some amazing images for us, featuring lots of amazing clothing by Drop Dead

Side by side, our collaboration comes together to create a feel good summer editorial in one of the most beautiful towns in the UK.

You can find our individual editorials over on Drop Dead: Wheeler & Willcocks.