Portrait and Wedding Photographer


2014 in Review

It's New Years Eve and I've spent the last few days reminiscing about the past year and all the work I have done. I've worked with some incredible people, from talents designers to wonderful models and make up artists, I think this has been my best year so far. So I thought I would recap some of my favourite moments, shoots and people from 2014.


Out of all the shoots I've done this year, my favourite has to be my collaboration with Melissa from Katastrophic Clothing. Armed with my dad's camper van, gorgeous designs and a model/MUA, we battled through the rain to get some of my personal favourites. Amy was such an amazing model to work with and has incredible skill with make-up that made me feel every element of the shoot coming together. 


My 3 month adventure in America was hands down the best time of my life. Experiencing such a new, exciting place and meeting the most incredible people made travelling and shooting so rewarding. Many of the girls I shot with I met through my boyfriend on our daily coffee shop run and others were found on Facebook groups for models in the area. They made my American portraits fun and their personalities pop in every image.


This photoshoot was the first set of images published since I started my profession (aside from newspapers etc) and featured the amazing designs from Awkwardly Pretty and my great, super photogenic friend Ruth. My copy of Rebelicious will stay on my desk to help me stay positive about work and keep my hopes high.


I've been a lover of Alexandra King for years now and I finally got the opportunity to shoot some of her incredible dresses this year. I'll never forget visiting her cabin full of dresses and seeing all this detail in the flesh. Photos could never do these dresses justice but I tried my damn hardest!


As a massive Wes Anderson fan, when I saw the lingerie of Urban Bird I automatically thought of Moonrise Kingdom and from that point onward I knew that was how the editorial was going to be. With the help of my wonderful boyfriend erecting a tent for me in the middle of the woods, and a brave brave model who shivered her bones off for these shots in a cold December, I brought to life an editorial Suzy Bishop. 


I can't wait to see what happens over the next year, let's all keep making our dreams a reality!

Happy New Year all,